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Oct 15, 2017

Sunway Lagoon invites you to indulge in a playground of splashes, exhilarating thrills, and boundless fun!

Day 4:

Around 9:00AM, we heading to Sunway Lagoon. And buy a walk-in ticket. For adult entrance fee is RM170, and since  Maxis have a discount of 32%. So I claimed, and  after the cut, the ticket is Rm 115.00
Thank you, Maxis!

The first thing we go find the locker and cost us rm 44 for a large locker.
I like the locker system. They use the bar code to open the locker.
Sorry, I didn't take the locker picture!
after we put our bag inside the locker, we going to play~
my phone is not water-resistant so sorry no water activity photo~

 White Lion

 White Monkey


 White Tiger
p/s so huge and so fat than Nation Zoo begal

The place that really gives me a big surprise is
1. Pirate Revenge
2. Tomahawk
3. Vuvuzela
4. Flying Fox
5. Bungee Jump
6. Waterplexx 5D
7. Roller Coaster ( unfortunately the day we came was closed for maintenance

I will come back to play the game!



Oct 8, 2017

Thing going to be better

Day 3  :

Wake up early around 7am and I planing go to Bukit Bintang but too bad I take the wrong train. so I change my station from Kl Sentral to Muzium Negara and heading to Bukit Bintang Station

 Hello Bukit Bintang Station!!

Actually, I was hunting some local street food. Unfortunately, Alor Street only opens on the night. I guess. Because of only a few stall open. And behind the station, I saw the Arabian grocery shop. So I just stopped by for hunting Arabian Food.  

 Since I don't have much time and the weather is cloudy. I heading back to Pasar Seni as soon as possible.
 Just Stop by somewhere to have breakfast "Nasi Lemak" and Milo Kosong 
RM 5
 Finished breakfast, I sent this photo to my mom. She really likes the fig jam. Having some rest at the hotel and I check out hotel
 This is the third round I having this soybean. I never thought they also sell in the morning.
Since I still have some time to wait for my friend, I go walk around petaling street and discover so many places.
I saw so many people queue for this. I don't know what this is lol.

Arghhh!! Why i didn't saw the food court yesterday!!!

Family Mart, KFC, MCD, Miniso, Texas Chicken is nearby this place. For those Muslim people, they have one more halal choice to eat.

And I saw infamous Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 near to this area. Why!!! Why I didn't saw it yesterday.

After leaving Petaling Street, I Walk to the station and take LRT Kelana Jaya to KLCC Station.

 I saw cheap sushi inside the mall. 

Why so many queues this restaurant? Is it delicious?  

I was looking for Kinokuniya inside KLCC. But I never found it. So I was thinking, am I really inside KLCC? And I decided to see at google at. First, i felt klcc is so far, so I request Grab Car, and nobody picks me up. (i been KLCC before) then I take a look at the opposite look so familiar. Then I was thinking no wonder nobody picks up me. Because KLCC  is in front of me !!!!! LOL 

 Finally, I meet you Kinokuniya it so huge like library LOL

 After sitting 40min, my friend finally showed up. And we walk together to Aquaria. We online book our ticket and claim at the counter station. Thanks to wonderfly!!

 After taking a 30min-1h walk. We heading to Gombak to have some Arabian food. I'm an Arabian Food lover!
 We order this and cost me RM 76 for 3pax! 
 After finished dinner, we head to our homestay at Puncak Alam.
Damn so damn far from KL City! 
 After rest an hour, we heading to ICity to have Ferris wheel. Honest to said nothing special inside there. lol
That for day 3 See you in Day 4

Day 1:  1 week to KL

Day 2:  I almost lost

I almost lost

Day 2 :

I wake up early morning around 5:00 AM So I decided to take a shower and take a look at a hotel near to china town. After survey a hotel, my friend Miya help me to reserve a room in Hotel China Town II, Petaling Street. I checked out around 8 AM and walked to Dato Harun Station. Well, I tried to call Grab Car because of demand nobody accept my request. And I walk for 10min and ask local people for the location. And I just realise the station is so damn far from my hotel and after taking a bit of advice from local people, so I decided to take a bus to station and realise the first bus that I make just route around dato Harun area, Thank god !! I just found my way out of this area!!!

Thank you, Mr driver, for taking me to Kampung Dato Harun Station !!!

 I just dropped off at KL Station and lost somewhere near to Pos Malaysia headquarters. Thank you for someone guide me to Flea Centre Market!! 
 I saw a temple. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to go back.

 Finally, I found my hotel at around 9.45 AM!! After check-in, I find out there was 2
1. the television switch is china version ( they go only one switch either you want charges a phone or watch television)
2. there's no air conditioning REMOTE

The room was small than I expected and the price for a queen bed is RM 90 + RM 20 ( deposit) 
hot & cold drinking water and iron in the public second floor.

 After taking a rest for 30min, I decided to continue my plan to Zoo Negara At Wangsa Maju. So I have to take LRT Kelana Jaya Gombak. 

 Just Arrived at Wangsa Maju station and I decided to call GRAB CAR.  The Fares is RM7 per way. It took around 10-15min to reach Zoo Negara!!
 Hey! I'm here Zoo Negara
 I bought my Ticket at Zoo Negara Official Website it's around RM 38-40 (Malaysian Card Holder) inclusive Panda too

 After I spend more than 2hour inside the zoo, I decided going back hotel to have lunch.

 Wantan Mee 
Chinese Cooling herbs (凉茶) very bitter 
OMG I never drink bitter cooling herb RM 5

Heading back to the hotel
 These days trendy Korean shop with the price average.
I tried KL Street Food. Curry Mee very spicy!!!
P/s: I forgot I just nosebleed and eat spicy food! LOL
and having soya bean for a second round 

That for Today See ya in Day 3 !! 

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