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Sep 14, 2014


Well this is the first  time I went to Otafuse event at Star City Kota Kinabalu Sabah on 13 - 14 September 2014


" OtaFuse is an event exhibition focusing on Anime, Games, Comic & Cosplay culture. The word “OtaFuse” derived from the word “Otaku.” & “Fusion”; which means the event is a combination of various hobbies for fans to gather and share their common interests. The event would be a showcase of multiple clubs and individuals such as Cosplay, TCG (Trading Card Game), Hobby Collectibles, Media Arts, etc."

Ok finished the intro.  Here we go..
P/S: I didn't go on day one though, personal matters. >,< ごめん ( I'm Sorry)

Well, this is the view from the 1st floor. 

One Piece T-shirt for sale 

Random crafts I don't know it is called XD.
 And this too (they're awesome)

 My friend with Kotori Chan ( Date A live)

 Coser Name : Yukii Takano Chii
Coser Name  : Yukii Takano Chii

Mako MankanshokuProfessor Utonium

Meecellさん lolita outfit

 Keyboard Warrior 
Everyone doing mako kill la kill pose

 綺麗猫さん (Pretty cat girl )with her two daughters and my friends

Chris Redfield  & Uchiha Madara

Aoi Kunieda & Junko Enoshima


 Lucky Draw Time : ( Only applicable to those who've purchased 4pcs of  2015 Calender)

Congrats ~~  

Performance contest congrats to the winners



Most of the photos aren't mine, and credits go to Mr LeoFerris and uploader Mr Veronwell from LF Productions. I hope that I will meet more cosplayers in the future. Stay tuned for Hobbycon~!
Lastly, thanks to Okami Shiranuiさん for the extra help.

感謝(Thank You)

Luv yaa ~ xoxo by Makochii6175 

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