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Jul 23, 2016

Flying to my hometown !!!


Since 10 years, i never back to my hometown.
So I decide to have a short trip to Penang.
So many time I booked a ticket and didn't board...
this time...
dang dang
I finally made boarding xD
well, the first time in my life flight to vacation !! I arrived KLIA1 around 17:30 and rushing to KLIA2 to Penang
I went to KLIA2 by KLIA EXPRESS I only pay Rm2 and wait for 3 minutes to reached KLIA2 ..**sorry too nervous + too excited take a snap ~ lol ~

22:00 arrived PEN !! wait for my cousin Yvonne picked me up!

Good Night!

----------------------------------CLOSED DAY 1----------------------------------

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